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Who the commander is. Who comes up with the events. Who’s in charge of collecting information.

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They had already decided on everything the moment the exam began.

Besides, even if they were to hold a classwide discussion, they would probably have two or three people stand guard to prevent us from eavesdropping.

“But, like, wouldn’t it be fine to at least try? We might even be able to catch them off guard at some point. Who knows, maybe they’ll meet up in their classroom to talk about the exam.”

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“If that happens, I’d be afraid instead. I’d suspect any information we’d manage to get our hands on.”

If the information we overheard ended up being fake, we would’ve just been wasting our time. Keisei’s concerns were spot on. Information should be hidden when possible; anything that isn’t should be heavily suspected.

“However, an information war is absolutely inevitable. The crucial part is figuring out what kind of method to use…”

“Do… we even stand a chance?”

Airi spoke, surrendering to her feelings of anxiety.

“At this point, it’d probably be better to think of it as though they’re just a step or two ahead of us.”

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Since Class C still hadn’t even decided on anything yet, we had no reason to think we were in the lead in the first place.

“Still, who’d have thought we’d have to go against Class A.”

“Sorry. It’s my fault for losing the lottery.”

In reality, I would’ve chosen Class A even if I had won, but I’d at least act apologetic about it like this.

“Ah, no, I wasn’t implying that! That’s totally my bad! I wasn’t blaming you at all, Kiyopon!”