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First of all, this was the exclusive broadcast contract. Only Bunny Tail Live-Stream could live-stream the ICL league. The price was the same as before. 35 million yuan.

Second, the contract required that Bunny Tail Live-Stream had to invest a large amount of resources to publicize the ICL league, both inside and outside the website. Of course, Long Yu Corporation would also spare no effort to promote the ICL league.

On top of that, if there were any unsolvable or special circumstances, such as insufficient bandwidth on the website, the impact of the live-streaming of the cartoon, and major public relations incidents, the party at fault would have to bear a certain loss while the other party could unconditionally terminate the contract. Of course, after terminating the cooperation, Long Yu Corporation would have to refund this sum of money according to the actual losses. At the same time, the exclusive broadcast rights would be terminated.

Lastly, there was a supplementary clause. Even if both parties did not make any obvious mistakes, none of the parties would need to pay a sky-high penalty fee to terminate the contract. They need only pay 20%!o(MISSING)f the price, which was seven million yuan, to terminate the contract.

Logically speaking, there should not be a need for the last option. This was because if both parties strictly adhered to the regulations in the contract, the ICL live-stream and publicity work should be very successful. They would not be forced to terminate the contract.

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The reason why he added this additional clause was mainly because they were old enemies. Eric did not trust the crafty Boss Pei.

To Pei Qian, this contract was not a problem at all. After the legal department of both parties had decided, Pei Qian sent Chen Yufeng to Shanghai to officially sign the contract and discuss the details of the cooperation.

Guangzhou, ZZ Live-Stream Headquarters.

The new function that Liu Liang had set up previously had already been developed through a 996 state. The stone in his heart had finally been lifted and he could rest a little.

Recently, he had also spoken to Zhao Xuming a couple of times on the phone. He briefly discussed the issue of ICL’s broadcasting rights. Liu Liang’s thoughts were the same as Boss Zhu of Wolf Fang Live-Stream. They both hoped to lower the price.

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The ICL league was about to be held. There was not much time left for Zhao Xuming. In the end, he would have to make some concessions.

Of course, Liu Liang did not want to make things too awkward. They still had to cooperate in the future after all. Liu Liang planned to buy the broadcasting rights of ICL as long as Zhao Xuming was willing to reduce the price by a little more than a million yuan.

However, Zhao Xuming did not call him today at all even though he had been calling him a lot. This surprised Liu Liang.

At that moment, Liu Liang heard hurried footsteps outside his office. Someone knocked on the door.


Liu Liang looked up. It was the employee in charge of livestreaming ICL with Long Yu Corporation.

“What’s the matter? Tell me slowly.”

“You have to maintain a calm and natural attitude during work. How can you do your job well if you panicked first?”