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"It may not be for me to say as the student council president. But starting from next year, this school will undergo a massive change. And it's not going to be a desirable change at that. And when that time comes, in order to protect the rules of this school, I need to create a force capable of countering it from this current stage. It might already be too late though. I feel the necessity for that growing stronger every day" he told me.

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"President, you're talking about that in the scenario where Nagumo-kun becomes the student council president, right? I don't quite believe he would end up making a bad school...".

I've never heard of the name Nagumo from amongst the 1st years. Changing starting from next year would mean he is from among the 2nd years.

"Normally, there can be up to two vice presidents at a time in the student council. Starting next year it seems it'll be just one, but if you change your mind, it's still not an impossible thing to do" he tells me.

"No, no, no President. Surely that's impossible...there's no way Nagumo-kun would give his permission for something like that".

"I don't know anything about vice presidents or any Nagumos but I won't do it. You're going to graduate and leave this school, that's all right? There's no need for you to worry about the students left behind. Or is it---". I slightly paused so that it would lend more weight to my next words.

"If it's because you're worried about your sister and want my help, then there might be room for you to consult me on the matter" I told him.

"...I see".

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If I say that, then this man too, will not be able to depend on me too much. As a matter of fact, he seems to have given up completely, since after that he stopped touching on the subject of the student council.

"Sorry for taking up your time. That's all the business I have with you. But feel free to drop by the student council any time, I'd be happy to treat you to tea" he told me.

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So even this man who's built up a firm foundation for this school has his own anxieties, huh? While feeling such an unexpected thing, I decided to return---but I can't go back. It was the perfect timing to go back though. It's too bad I have to wait for Katsuragi.

The situation started turning for the better roughly 30 minutes after my conversation with the older Horikita. Wearing the exact same outfit as yesterday, Katsuragi was slowly heading in my direction. While I observed him from a slight distance away out of his path, I saw him holding in his hands what seems like the bag containing what he bought from that shop yesterday.

"What does it mean?".

There's still time left until the 29th. Normally one would keep something like that in their room until then. But the fact that he is carrying it around now, perhaps he means to hand it over now?

Even so, I'm curious about his uniform-wearing appearance. Perhaps he intends to act in his formal wear, but honestly I'd rather not see him handing over the present in this heat wearing that outfit.

I held my breath as I attempt to confirm where Katsuragi is headed. And when I did, we soon came to a crossroads. Katsuragi did not proceed down the road that leads to the dormitories of the senior students. He instead proceeded down a road that was outside of my expectations surprisingly. What lies at the end of that road was the school amidst a summer vacation. I shadow him without alerting him.

"So that's why he was wearing his uniform---".

It wasn't because he liked wearing it but rather because he intended to enter the school. I finally understand. Katsuragi then entered the school from the main entrance. But since it's come to this, I can't follow Katsuragi just like that. As long as it is forbidden to enter the school building in casual wear, I cannot enter.