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At that thought, Zhou Muyan accepted the resignation letter. “Alright, I wish that you’ll be able to fulfill your dreams of games one day! Sun Strike Studios will always be open for you!”

“Thank you, Boss Zhou!” Lin Wan turned and left without a shred of regret.

June 6th, Monday...

Pei Qian woke up naturally at nine in the morning. His morale had been crushed for the past two days, owing to his gaming experience with Ruan Guangjian during the weekend. He was now cooped up at home, not wanting to go to work.

Pei Qian took out two small pieces of cake and a box of milk from the fridge after washing up. He was prepared to deal with them before continuing his unfinished game yesterday. The room was in a minimalist style, which was commonly known as the ‘Four Bare Walls’ style. Therefore, Pei Qian could only eat at the small coffee table next to the large balcony. This small coffee table was one of the very few pieces of furniture in the entire living room. There were also two small chairs next to it where its main purpose was to watch the scenery outside and drink tea.

The two pieces of small cake were wiped out in no time. Pei Qian threw the garbage into the trash can and left it at that. Someone would clean it up anyway.

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The doorbell rang as soon as he settled on the sofa and picked up the controller.

“Hm?” Pei Qian was taken aback before he got up to open the door.

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The butler stood outside the door, holding a squarish box in his hand. “Boss Pei, this is an express delivery sent to you from Dream Realization Ventures. Shall I bring it in for

The butler’s name was Song Kai. He was 26 years old and had previously worked as a housekeeper in a certain rental company. He was Assistant Xin’s candidate. He had been doing well so far.

Of course, there wasn’t much to do in the first place.

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Song Kai had often felt skeptical about life ever since he came to the Sloth Apartments.

Pei Qian thought about it. If Liang Qingfan was the only one in charge of the Sloth Apartments, he would naturally be overwhelmed. This project might never become popular, but the cleaning and management of the building had to be recruited.

He must hire at least one cleaner as long as there was one resident in this building.

It would be impossible to get Liang Qingfan to do everything when there were more houses next time, right? He was an architect after all. He had to be responsible for all the design works as well as the on-site construction.

Pei Qian, therefore, was interested in observing Song Kai for a few days. If he felt that this person was ok, he would also make him the person-in-charge of Sloth Apartments to give Liang Qingfan a helping hand. “Unpack it and give me the item directly,” Pei Qian said.

Song Kai opened it, took out the squarish black box from within, and handed it to Boss Pei’s hands.