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“A single eye level experience allowed two mid-tier players to advance two levels to guarantee an advantage? That’s too detailed!”

“He actually guessed that the other party was going to invade the jungle. Is this a spoiler?”

“As expected of a professional gamer. His understanding of the game is really good!”

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“I was wondering why some professional players would sleepwalk and appear in strange places. Previously, the official commentators always said that they were lost and made a mistake due to the pressure. Now, it looks like they were not lost at all. That was part of the tactical arrangement. They were just caught and cracked!”

“This is a professional competition. Any mistake would be caught and expanded infinitely. Sometimes, you can’t win even though you didn’t make any big mistakes!”

“Bunny Tail Live-Stream is indeed Boss Pei’s live-stream platform. It’s really professional! Goodbye, official commentator. From now on, I’ll only watch the competition on Bunny Tail Live-Stream!”

“The official commentators are all platinum and diamond level. They can understand the competition only because they are reviewing the situation on the field. Some players are indeed beaten badly, but that is also a tactical target. It is the problem of the entire team. It cannot simply be summed up as ‘lousy’ or ‘mistakes’!”

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“I’ve watched all the previous competitions for nothing. What’s the point of watching a team battle if it’s just a headcount? This kind of early-stage tactical game consists of precise resources to an eye level, a group of wild monsters, and a few thousand yuan of economic advantage in a few seconds. That’s the true charm of E-Sports!”

The bullet screen comments in the live-stream were rolling crazily. Obviously, many viewers’ understanding of the game had been completely overturned.

Many viewers had mistakenly thought that the competition was nothing more than a high-end Five Black Ranking Competition. It was just that their individual strengths were stronger and the team coordination was better.

However, after listening to the commentary and analyzing the details of the competition, he realized that they were not the same thing!

The gap between top professional teams and ordinary professional teams was even bigger than the gap between diamonds and gold in the rankings in the competition.

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These deep and detailed tactical games were the most exciting part of the competition.