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To me it seemed like she was more than capable of getting an A- rating or even an A, but…

“U-uhm, Ayanokōji-senpai?”

“Seeing you stare at me so closely like that, it’s… well, it’s a little unsettling, you know…?”

She looked away from me, a somewhat uncomfortable expression on her face.

“Ah… Yeah. Sorry.”

It’d probably be fine to continue thinking about this once Nanase changed her clothes.

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With the Task finished, Kiriyama and the other third-year students immediately began preparing to pull out. It was probably safe to assume that they would be headed off to their next designated area or another Task site.

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At that, Kiriyama approached me for the first time since we showed up here.

“Ayanokōji, don’t say anything unnecessary.”

He said nothing further, simply turning his gaze toward the distant shoreline behind me.

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I looked over my shoulder, curious about what he meant, only to catch sight of several figures moving together along the sandbar.

I immediately understood what Kiriyama meant.

At some point, Nagumo, the student council president, had started messing about with some other third-year students in the ocean not too far away from the Task site.

He must’ve realized that I was looking at him too as he proceeded to call out to me, subtly beckoning for me to come over.

“I’ll say it again just to be sure: Don’t get in my way, got it?”

“I understand.”

Together with the rest of his friends, Kiriyama headed off toward the forest, leaving the beach behind.