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“Because Sadiz’s family doesn’t know that she’s here, right? I’m sure they’re worried...”

“Well, they would be worried... even if it’s... my father and mother....”

When I answered Elder Sis Tsukshi’s question, everyone had a stunned expression for a moment.

“Eh? By any chance...”

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“Earth and Sadiz... are siblings? That? But she worked at Earth’s house...”

“Ah, no it’s wrong. Um...... ah~, Sadiz’s parents are... already... well... so she’s like an adopted child in my family...”

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It’s not simply that I don’t want to talk about it, it’s a past that’s hard to talk about.

In addition, it was not easy to tell Sadiz, who has lost her memory, that “her real parents are long dead”.

And it seemed that Elder Sis Tsukshi had guessed it by my current attitude, so she nodded and didn’t ask any more.

However, one person was a little interested in it.

“Huh... in other words, thy parents took the girl in...”

“Hmm? Oh.”

It was Jamdi’el. Jamdi’el, who knew about my father and mother, seemed a little surprised that she was adopted.