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He understood now!

It was just like many philosophical people. When they ask “who are you”, they would definitely not ask about a name, a code name or an identity. Instead, they would ask about something more comprehensive and deeper.

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It would seem very stupid to answer his own name now.

Boss Pei was a true philosopher.

Boss Pei asked who Young Master Tian was. He was not referring to the real Young Master Tian, not the Meng Chang behind this alternate identity, but the virtual identity and alternate identity that existed on the internet. It was a complete persona, Young Master Tian!

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Meng Chang felt that Boss Pei must know that Young Master Tian’s alternate identity belonged to him. However, by asking this question, he was obviously hinting that Meng Chang did not really know and understand Young Master Tian. He did not perfect his character.

At the moment, he was just a symbol, an ID, and a tool.

This question looked simple, but it was actually a code!

Boss Pei was hinting that Meng Chang’s image of Young Master Tian was not deep enough! There were many places where he was not self-consistent enough!

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Therefore, Boss Pei added that it was very important for Meng Chang to spend some time researching who Young Master Tian was while Meng Chang was working on the plan. He meant that Meng Chang had to find the accurate positioning of Young Master Tian. He could not let him be just a thin vest. Instead, he had to let this image be voluptuous, lively, and realistic.

Meng Chang immediately understood. It turned out that Boss Pei was not satisfied with the last step. It was mainly because he had not shaped this Young Master Tian well enough and there were some flaws!

He quickly nodded. “Alright, Boss Pei! No problem!”

Obviously, digging deeper into Young Master Tian’s image and shaping him into a living, flesh and blood person would further separate him from Meng Chang. The effect of this last step would be better!

Pei Qian nodded. He believed that with Meng Chang’s intelligence, it would only be a matter of time before he figured out Young Master Tian’s true identity.

“Alright, let’s get down to business.”

“The publicity task I arranged for you this month is ‘Eternal Reincarnation’.”