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Compared to the first semester, the number of students involved in the study group is pretty large. In contrast, there are only three people in charge of teaching.

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It follows that the larger the student side of the teacher-student ratio gets, the poorer the quality the overall teaching will be.

At lunchtime, Hirata and Sudō met up with Horikita.

“Fuck, Suzune isn’t leading the second session. That kills my motivation.”

Since Sudō couldn’t attend the first session due to his club activities, he couldn’t be taught by Horikita this time.

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Horikita worked as Sudō’s motive to study, so he seemed pretty reluctant. In the past, he would have probably acted out here.

“No matter who is teaching, if you lack motivation, I will be troubled. Understand?”

“……I understand. I’ll study, after all, we are a pair.”

She had great control over the bulky Sudō. It was admirable.

“Your efforts will also be reflected in my own evaluation. It would be nice if you would understand that. On top of that, I will try to show up at the evening sessions, so come on.”

Horikita put forward the final blow, as if Sudō was in the palm of her hand.

“Oh wow. I suddenly have the motivation again! Please treat me well, Hirata.”

“Likewise. Let’s do this together, Sudō-kun.”

Because of his decision to become partners with Horikita, Sudō seems to be more driven.

But still, there were unexpected problems.

“……I need to talk to you for a minute, alright?”