Daqing online part-time earning money

Daqing online part-time earning money

How dare he misinterpret Boss Pei’s words in front of him?

Pei Qian’s face darkened, almost firing this dangerous guy on the spot. However, he calmed down a bit after thinking about it. He had experienced too many similar situations after all.

It was better for this to happen before they commenced then after.

Pei Qian decided to change his way of expression after careful thought. In all fairness, Pei Qian did not think there was any possibility of success for the shared phone booth and shared top student projects.

Especially this Shared Top Student project. Someone else would have done it if it was something viable.

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In Pei Qian’s memory, he had never heard of similar apps even during the time when sharing projects were the hottest. It was enough to show that there were innate flaws in this model.

The biggest problem was that there wasn’t such a big market, and the top students did not have that much time on their hands.

They were so busy with studies every day. It was good enough for them to spare some time tutoring others. How would it be possible for them to travel far to earn some loose change?

Private tutoring was very expensive; only the wealthy families were willing to hire people for this. Middle-class families would enroll their children into tutoring classes even if they wanted to send their children for tuition.

In short, this project had many innate flaws that could not be solved from Pei Qian’s point of view.

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Pei Qian lowered his voice and said to He Desheng. “To be honest, there is a very large probability of failure for this project! Therefore, you don’t need to feel responsible even if it fails.

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“Treat it as doing charity, understand?”

He Desheng was shocked. What did Boss Pei mean? In He Desheng’s mind, four words summed up Boss Pei’s investments: stable, accurate, ruthless, and irregular!

Boss Pei could often see investment opportunities in unreliable projects. He would not hesitate to plunge huge sums of investment once he identified them.

It had been proven that the projects that Boss Pei chose were all profitable!

This project was just in its elementary stage now; why is Boss Pei hinting that it has a high probability of failure?