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"I'd like to avoid that to the best of my ability but yes, I'd have no other choice but to do that".

"And not only me but you'll also drag the others here Ishizaki, Ibuki and Albert down with you".

I don't know how they'll be dealt with but they surely won't be able to avoid a harsh punishment.

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"Yet another one of your failings was assuming that my identity and Karuizawa's past would be absolute. If you wanted to shut me down in advance, you should've either done it on a larger scale or posted more watchdogs".

There's always a hard limit on what he can afford to do in this area called the school.

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"In other words, as long as I continue to exist, Class C will be handicapped".

"Not really. As long as you don't take any reckless action against us, I have no intention of using this matter as a tool either".

"I'm not naive enough to believe in a verbal promise like that. If Class C ever drives you into a corner, you'll report today's incident to the school. Am I wrong?".


I certainly cannot guarantee that.

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Can Class C function properly when they're constantly forced to keep their heads down?

"But what'll you do? What's done is done, Ryuuen".

"Shut up. I'm done fighting against you. And, my own battle's also over".

Ryuuen looked around at Ibuki and the other two before taking out his phone and typing something into it.

And then he slid the phone across the floor of the rooftop where it came to a stop near Ibuki's feet.