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“Sure. I’ll tell you properly then.”

Amused by the situation, Kushida began to share the secrets she had accumulated over the last year.

She led with things like crushes and who certain people hated, and then went into students’ family circumstances and past acts of delinquency.

She spoke energetically.

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Even at this stage, she was unaware of my true intentions.

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Saving Ichinose.

Responding to Sakayanagi’s provocation.

Diverting Hashimoto’s attention away from me.

The looming threat of Nagumo.

All of these things were nothing more than one piece of the puzzle.

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There was only one thing I truly wanted to ascertain from our interaction here…

The quantity and quality of information held by Kushida Kikyō. All for the sake of removing her from the school.

Although her removal may sound simple, it would be troublesome if I were to go about it the wrong way.

It was essential for me to gauge how powerful of a bomb she was holding.

To gauge Kushida’s overwhelming network of information.

To gauge the scrutiny of that information.

Who she had heard the rumors from, what kind, and how many people knew about them.

She had a terrifying understanding of the character and personalities of the students around her. It could be that, at least among the first-years, there was nobody in the school who could approach Kushida’s mastery of information.