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Pei Qian browsed various forums, especially those that had been battlegrounds for fans and haters of the movie. One could say that corpses covered the area. What’s more, those ‘corpses’ had not died in the intense battle. Instead, they had been dug up from their ‘graves’.

“I heard the film wouldn’t be liked by locals and foreigners alike. I get it; Cannes was not organized by foreigners.”

“Cannes has been thrown out of the ‘foreigners’ basket by the haters. I suggest that our country should consider adopting the homeless ‘Cannes’ now. We should make them a part of Jingzhou and call the film festival into Tengda Film Festival’ instead.”

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” Tengda Film Festival’? Are you hinting that Tengda is so wealthy that it bribed all the judges in the film festival? Congratulations on figuring out the truth! (sarcasm)”

“This film did indeed only get popular because of its sales. It only got an award at Cannes to tackle the poor figures at overseas box offices. What a solid sales tactic! (sarcasm)”

“Now, it really does look like Tomorrow is Beautiful was just released at the right time. If an even better time had been picked, perhaps it would have stolen awards out of the hands of every other popular movie.”

“The major films with high production value must be celebrating the fact that they had not been released at the same time as Tomorrow is Beautiful, right? The more they think back to it, the more fear they should feel.”

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“Can you tell us the joke again?’ ‘Which one?’ ‘The one about the foreign film.’ ‘Flying Star Journey! The real major foreign film is here!’ Hahahaha!”

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“I heard that the foreign audience wouldn’t fall for the same trick as we did. Yet, all foreign cinemas have extended Tomorrow is Beautiful’s screening periods today. They’ve even increased the row piece rate. Once again, I’m giving all foreigners a serious warning: you run the risk of having your citizenship revoked if you watch this film. Please watch it at your own risk!”

Comments like that were littered all over the internet. The haters’ past discussions and posts were dug up as they were beaten up again and again.

Many haters could not ask for anything else. They either deleted comments or switched comments off altogether. Most of them could not do anything but act like they were dead.

It was too bad; those who had the best results had slapping privileges!

Before this, the haters had made a big deal out of Tomorrow is Beautiful’s poor performance in overseas box offices. It had almost become concrete proof that only locals liked the film while foreigners did not.

However, the award that the film won at Cannes was far more important. It practically turned the universe inside-out, thereby shooting down all the negative comments of the film that had been made before!

Pei Qian leaned back in his chair, speechless. It was not that he wanted to read those comments; it was that he had no other choice!

Everyone on the internet was discussing the film. Even if he wanted to ogle at girls on Weibo, he could read about Tomorrow is Beautiful in the related content.

He was being attacked from every corner, and the haters’ ‘corpses’ were hanging throughout the internet as people beat them while they were already down. It was absolutely sorrowful.