The online cat makes money is true.

The online cat makes money is true.

How could it receive such treatment?

Pei Qian was completely perplexed. He held onto the lobster, not knowing how to respond.

After a long time, he asked, “So… What did they say about the game?”.

Lin Wan could not stop smiling. She read, “As a traditional web-based game, Bloody Battle Song has contributed important innovations in terms of gameplay. “By replacing the original top-up system with the ‘Chosen One’ system, this game changed the root of web-based game models, which typically encourage burning money and buying revenge. As a result, all players are able to enjoy the game calmly and peacefully. This game has served to greatly improve web-based gamers’ values.

“For a long time, web-based games have been blindly imposing paywalls. These games left a bad taste in many players’ mouths and were headed down an unhealthy path.

“Bloody Battle Song’s exceptional game design, bold innovations, and top-notch quality have completely changed this impression in traditional web-based gamers. While keeping the fun elements of classic web-based games, the developers tweaked web-based gamers’ bad spending habits. This move has greatly encouraged improvement in this industry.

“The most precious thing is Bloody Battle Song was once an ordinary game. Yet, the designers did not give the game up. They paid attention to detail and constantly made improvements to the game in order to inject new life into it.

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“We hope that Bloody Battle Song will be the last of traditional web-based games, and that Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version will be the first of many web-based games using this new model.

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“We also hope that Bloody Battle Song will prove to be the turning point in our domestic web-based games industry.

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“For that reason, we are especially recommending this game. May it become the example for other web-based games to learn from.

“May players also put aside their prejudices and give the game a try. Perhaps you will be able to experience the true fun of web-based games.”

After reading these words, Lin Wan looked up at Boss Pei, grinning.

Ye Zhizhou’s eyes were welling up as he listened by the side.

The game had been recognized by the official platform!

This time, they had completely washed themselves clean of the ‘rubbish game’ reputation! They had achieved a complete turnaround in terms of income and reputation!

What’s more, with the official platform’s endorsement and recommendation, the game would surely be more widely discussed. More players would be encouraged to try the game, and they would generate more income!

Ye Zhizhou could not help but feel moved. Good news was coming one after another. It was truly a good day!