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【Never… Never commit suicide… Although it is a different world, you only have one body. If you die, that will be your end.】

Yes, I can choose to end it anytime I want.

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Such a simple thing.

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I just have to thrust the sword in hand through my chest.

That is all it takes to escape this hell.

「I can end it… I can finally end this hell!」

I immediately turned the tip of the sword towards my chest, and closed my eyes.

Now I just have to stab myself.

The pain will only last for a brief moment.

Yes, that’s all it takes.

That is all… and yet…

「Why won’t my hand move…」

My hand felt as though it was petrified.

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I simply felt afraid.

The fear of death far overwhelmed my present agony.

That’s what I had thought.

10 000 years later.

I had stopped thinking.

Raise the sword overhead, and swing in downwards.