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“Ah, I got it. Then, I’ll get my shoes on and wait for you at the entrance.”

“O-Okay? I’m sorry.”

I looked at Keita Amano as he quickly walked to the entrance. Then, I let out a deep sigh alone.

“Ay, no matter what, I still have to keep lying to protect everyone’s happiness.”

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I can whine about the guilt next time. From a gamer’s perspective, the best solution for this situation is “don’t get discovered.” It’s like an RTA. Although I have to bet on a route that’s unlikely to win, there’s no need to observe as long as it can lead to the best ending. All I need to do is take the challenge.

Although real life is different than RTAs, the only and most significant problem is that you can’t rechallenge it…

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“Kiriya-san, are you still not done?”

“Ah, oh, sorry, coming!”

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I stopped thinking, and hastily grabbed my feather vest. After that, I dashed to the entrance, where Keita’s waiting for me.

When Keita and I arrived at the car park near the convenience store, we met up with someone going home at the wrong place and time.

“Ah, Ao…”

Since I just made up a baffling lie to Keita, I’m exceptionally nervous even when it’s just my elegant university lady from next door.