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「Eat this!」

The looming downward slash,


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I reflexively rolled to the right and managed to avoid it.

「I won’t let you escape! High King Style – Consecutive Spears!」

「Kuh, Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style Secret Technique – Mirrored Sakura Slash!」

Our attacks met fiercely and sparks flew.

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After that, our sword fight fell into a seesaw state. Our offensive and defensive exchanges were equally matched.

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「High King Style – Strong Strike!」


Our swords collided and stopped.

The two swords were locked in a completely antagonistic state.

The swords don’t even twitch as if time itself had stopped.

(No way… Even〈Dragon Soul〉can’t push him back…!?)

(I see… So, the cells in her body are stimulated by the white flames she wears. It’s a really good ability, with a wide range of applications…)

Our gaze intersected, and we jumped back at the same time.

(…As it stands, our physical abilities are completely even.)

In addition, the long-range black flames and the indiscriminate ranged attacks… I can deal with both of them now.