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“S-Sorry, Amano-kun! I have to tidy up my looks…”

“Eh? Your look? But, you’re always extremely adorable.”

“Ah, are you minding that curled up hair? I do feel that’s pretty cute in its own way too. …Ah, please wait.”

“Eh? Eh? Eh?”

I took a step closer to Tendou-san. After that, I combed her curled hair gently and carefully using my hand. So, after I swept it silently a couple times. I was so relieved that I can’t help but express what I’m sincerely thinking.

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“…Haha, Tendou-san, it feels like I’m coaxing you to be a good girl.”

I guess she wanted me to have an easy time combing. Tendou-san plopped her head down. I continued.

“Ah, but let’s say I do mean that, perhaps it’s nice too. It’s because you got such a brilliant score today. I think the teacher or your parents won’t praise you for beating the game. …So, the least I can do is to help and praise you for loving gaming. Moreover, I also hope for a little that can be what I mean to you."

Tendou-san seems to be mumbling something. Is it because it hurts when I’m combing her hair?

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I paid attention to be more gentle with my hands as I continued chatting.

“Ah, come to think of it, even though it’s a bit late, this is the first time I combed a girl’s hair.”

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“But, somehow, whenever I’m with you, …my wish to do all this for you always wins against embarrassment. It’s just like when I confessed to you. This is unbelievable. I guess it’s because I really do love you…”