Can the online crazy game really make money?

Can the online crazy game really make money?

“Food all around, placing oneself above the common populace.”

“China’s food culture has been around for a long time. Many night markets are famous throughout the country. Night markets are a gathering place for delicacies and a good place to set up stalls.”

“There would be a hubbub of voices every night. The streets, alleys and the city wells are the most beloved environment for many people. Many people can only relax their tense nerves when surrounded by smoke and fire. Forget a day of fatigue, and release their emotions to their heart’s content...”

This video was not short. It lasted about thirty minutes.

The film was shot in Chang’an. It was basically one part every ten minutes. The first part was a simple introduction of local cuisine in Chang’an and the more famous local delicacies. The second part was focused on a certain street. It mainly introduced some small shops and vendors with good flavors, introduced their life experiences and sad journey. The third part was introducing their exclusive delicacies.

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The entire film highlighted a kind of smoke and fire. The scenes were all taken at night, when the market was at its most popular. All sorts of customers came and went. During the filming of delicacies, the slow-motion scene vividly displayed the color and fragrance of delicacies.

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In the beginning, the tone of the video was relaxed. The diners on the stalls laughed heartily, infecting the audience. However, in the second part, when the content talked about the life experiences of the shop owners and vendors, it carried a little sadness. Finally, when it was time to show the delicacies, the suppressed emotions from before were finally released. The audience’s emotions were pushed to the peak.

At the end of the video, a logo of the Cold-Faced Lady appeared on the black screen. There was a line of small words at the bottom: “Cold-Faced Lady’s Gourmet Laboratory, brings you to taste the original local flavor!”

Pei Qian took a look. This video was released yesterday. It was now very popular and had more than a million views!

The dense bullet screen comments in the video showed how popular it was.

“I’m so hungry I’m crying!”

“I’m just a local in Chang’an. I didn’t know that there were such delicacies...”

“Some famous shops are actually not delicious, but some nameless stalls on the streets are very delicious!”

“The production team is very considerate. This film is very sincere.”

“They all look delicious. I must try them when I have the chance!”

“I had always thought that these vendors would definitely make a lot of money since their business was so popular. Now, I know that most of them only set up their stalls because they were forced by life. It is not easy.”

“It’s quite touching. Such a down-to-earth film is especially moving!”