How to make an advertisement online

How to make an advertisement online

She decided to distribute unique looks instead!

However, it was far too late to create new models for the game now. Li Yada wrecked her brains and finally thought of giving players special items to change character models. They could make use of the existing pill’s image, name them ‘Look-Changing Pills’, and allow them to be reused.

It would not be difficult to produce these pills; they would just have to change a few codes in the system.

Of course, players would not be allowed to change the character models at will. Some monsters and bosses had huge models, which could result in bugs if they were altered. Thus, the pills would only allow players to change the appearance of characters that looked like the protagonist. This included small monsters and NPCs.

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At the same time, there would be a cooling-off period attached to these pills. All in all, the pills would only serve as entertainment.

No matter what, there would be various female NPCs in the game who were quite good-looking. Although they would not be the most beautiful ladies, they would be considered beauties in the game’s world.

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Thus, Li Yada thought that this would be particularly attractive for players.

She made the necessary arrangements.

After distributing the work to his subordinates, Li Yada accessed TPDb, intending to check Repent and be Saved’s overall rating. All of Tengda’s employees had already developed the habit of visiting TPDb when they had free time on their hands. After all, the website’s ratings determined their following month’s bonus. They could not possibly ignore them.

The amount of revenue that the game generated was quite irrelevant; they only worked to generate revenue if it was convenient. If they wanted to earn bonuses, the employees had to ensure that their project’s ratings hit the roof.

“Eh? It’s 9.1?!”

Li Yada perked up and sat upright. The rating had spiked!

How did it increase so much in a single day?!

On closer inspection, Li Yada realized that the games media had finally released their reviews!

Ratings from games media held a huge weightage in the overall ratings on TPDb. The higher the ratings given by reputable and influential games media were, the higher the game’s overall rating would become.

Li Yada scanned the games media’s comments and realized that they had nothing but praise for Repent and be Saved.

“After producing Game Designer, Tengda Games has once again produced a refreshing masterpiece that redefines innovation.