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Online PS part-time money is not used

And now, Zam has discovered two prey as he had expected.

「……Millie, escape.」

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「Mama will be fine. So just run south. Don’t look back no matter what.」

Maria pushed Millie’s back.

「No, no, I don’t want to… Let’s go together mama…!」

Millie shook her head sideways, while dawdling.

「It’s okay, mama will catch up with you soon. And you promised to papa in heaven, didn’t you? That you will be a strong girl?」

「……Okay, I understand.」

As soon as Millie nodded, there was a harsh laugh.

「Kukuku, how sad… My eyes are getting teary! Of course, I’ll still kill you in the end, though…」

At the same time Zam pulled out his sword, with a heinous smile.

「I am not going to let you through here even if it means my death!」

Maria pulled out a shabby sword that was dangling from her hips, with an awkward movement.

「Ho… You were a swordsman.」

Zam’s face stiffened for a moment, but… immediately returned to his original smile.

The reason for it is that Maria’s stance was too poor.

Even Seigan no Kamae which is the most basic stance of swordsmanship was not assumed properly.