Which of the Internet is made

Which of the Internet is made

Ye Zhizhou nodded. “That’s right. We know Tengda Games’ situation very well.”

Tengda Games had been split into two sections. Hu Xianbin was leading a team of people to work on researching and developing Struggle. Min Jingchao and Zhang Nan were leading another team of people to update GOG’s content by designing new heroes, designing new skins, and the like.

Obviously, they had much fewer people working on GOG than Finger Games did. Of course, they would be much slower in developing new heroes for the game.

If IOI could add heroes quicker than GOG, then IOI could provide its gamers with more game content. That would be a huge advantage. It would possibly be enough to close the initial popularity gap between the two games. Lin Wan chewed on it for a long time, and then said, “Alright, we’ll start working from there.

“Since Boss Pei wants the two projects to spur each other on and improve together, there’s no reason for us to hold back and show mercy. We’ll compete based on skills!”

At the same time, Pei Qian was in his office, checking Fish-Catching Take-Out’s figures. The head of Fish-Catching Take-Out, Rui Yuchen, was standing by the side, looking apprehensive.

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Ever since Fish-Catching Take-Out was established, it had been an ancillary business to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. The head of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe used to be Ma Yang, and then Zhang Yuan, and now Xiao Peng. All along, they had been Rui Yuchen’s direct superiors.

Lin Canrong had been in charge of Fish-Catching Take-Out when it was first established. However, given Lin Canrong’s outstanding performance in incurring losses for Fish-Catching Take-Out, Pei Qian had transferred him to Ming Yun Private Kitchen.

Thus, Rui Yuchen filled that gap and took charge of Fish-Catching Take-Out to this day.

Pei Qian had never met Rui Yuchen before because Fish-Catching Take-Out’s business belonged to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. He could just approach the person in charge of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe if he had any requests to make.

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Today, Pei Qian had obviously called Rui Yuchen in to...

Promote him.

However, Rui Yuchen did not know what Boss Pei’s true intention was. He worried that Boss Pei was going to hold him to account. Thus, he felt nervous and apprehensive.

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Until now, Fish-Catching Take-Out was still incurring losses and not generating profits. On the other hand, its related businesses—such as Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, ROF Computer-Installation, and Ming Yun Private Kitchen-had all turned their losses into profits. In fact, some of them had even expanded to Lincheng.

The only other business that was still incurring losses like Fish-Catching Take-Out was Upwind Logistics. However, the man in charge of Upwind Logistics was one of Boss Pei’s right-hand men. Lu Mingliang had worked hard for Boss Pei in Tengda Games back then. How could Rui Yuchen compare to him?

Rui Yuchen felt that if Boss Pei wanted to close down a loss-incurring business, Fish-Catching Take-Out would be the best option.

At that thought, he became even more nervous.