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「Nufufu! So it is my personal virtue after all!」

Receiving the cheap flattery by the guard swordsman, Numero laughed, shaking his shoulder in joy.

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Then, Sie arrived, dressed in a wedding dress.

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「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, Numero-sama.」

「Nufufu! My, my… What a beautiful bride! That’s my『Number 10』!」

He, who calls all his wife by number, was taken in by the beauty of Number 10.

「…A tool like me is undeserving of such words. I am immensely happy.」

Sie bowed her head gracefully, speaking empty words.

Numero, who was pleased by her obedience, looked at her as though undressing her with his lustful eyes.

「Nufufufufu! I’m going to show you a lot of love tonight, so look forward to it!」

「…Yes, thank you very much.」

Then, the guard cleared his throat when the exchange ended

「Numero-sama. It’s about time.」

「What? It’s already time. All right, let’s go!」

This is how the wedding of Sie Arcstria and Numero Dolan began.

The door of the cathedral opened slowly, and the bride and groom entered.

Numero walked in the lead, and Sie followed three steps back, like an attendant.