How to sell red mushrooms online

How to sell red mushrooms online

「Eighth Sword – Yatagarasu!」

One sharp swing branched into eight slashes.

「Fast?! Ga, ha!」

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The eight slashes assaulted Jean-san’s whole body fiercely.


The audience, who had been excited up until a while ago, dropped dead silent.

「J-Jean Bael unable to continue! Winner, Allen Rodore! …That was simply overwhelming! Even though he is still a first-year, the sight of him easily defeating a third-year is fear instilling!」

As I was about to get off the special stage after succeeding in “Dojo Yaburi”,

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「Not yet…」

Jean-san grabbed the hem of my pants.

「T-The real Thousand Blade Festival… is still to come.」

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He said, and lost consciousness.

(The『Real Thousand Blade Festival』?)

What does that mean?

When I got off the stage with that question in mind,

「Allen, that was amazing!」