Do you sell waterproof materials online?

Do you sell waterproof materials online?

I’ve done everything I can in these past three weeks… I think.

(In addition, the examination method and grading basis are strictly determined by the academy.)

What we should do today is not that difficult.

Conducting the predetermined exam and recording the results of the examinees – that is all.

It seems that the aim of using our current students as exam supervisors is to display the cool appearance of a senior and to make it a source of inspiration for the examinees after entering the academy.

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(Anyway, I just have to calm down, and I’ll be fine.)

Wearing an armband marked as the entrance examination executive committee member, I inserted the small transceiver handed by Leia-sensei in my ear.

「And I’m all ready. Ria, Rose, how about you two?」

「It’s perfect. I can go at anytime!」

「Same here. Anytime is fine.」

The two of them said, and nodded energetically.

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After that, just 30 minutes before the start of the exam.

「This is Leia. Are you ready?」

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I heard sensei’s voice from the transceiver.

「This is Allen. We’re all perfect.」

「Understood. Then, move to the exam site soon. And… If you run into any trouble, please contact me immediately. That’s it.」

Then the transmission was cut.