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“Damn you, Oiso…!”

“Forget that, Tendou.”

After she destroyed Kase-senpai, Nina-senpai was the one to convince me this time.

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She continued with her usual gloomy and lethargic tone.

“Well, let’s forget that the ‘it’s just love’ statement is overwhelmingly inconsiderate. But, in reality, there’s no need to wager your life onto a victory, right?”

“Indeed, but either Chiaki-san or I must disappear.”


“Ha, you’re still asking why? Can’t all of you see this already?”

Nina-senpai didn’t understand. …So, I slammed the table and announced loudly.

“There’s not a single girl in this world who can give up on such an attractive Amano-kun!”

“Yep, she’s terminally ill…”

Nina-senpai’s looking at me like I’m a seriously injured person that’s about to die. I continued while looking at her.

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“It’s because Nina-senpai’s the same, right? You don’t hate him, right?”

“Hate? Well, I guess I don’t hate Keita Amano…”

“I see. In other words, you want to make babies with him.”

“You’re jumping too far. You’re like repaying your debt by changing your character pool after changing characters in a fighting game.”

“I mean, I don’t understand what you just said.”

“Nevermind, this kouhai is replying to her senpai’s complaint too coldly.”

“Anyway, the fact is that even though Nina-senpai doesn’t really know Amano-kun, you want to make babies with him.”