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「Eh, uh, okay…」

Maria led Millie by the hand and tried to sneak out of the back door of the house.

「Oi, oi… Where are you two going sneakily?」

They came across Zam Hashfeld, a member of the Black Organization who cut down the village chief and the two men.


「Ma, Mama…」

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Tension ran on their faces.

「Kukuku, that face… It’s so good! It’s the best!」

Zam liked『hunting』.

Rather than killing the strong who bravely faced him, he loved killing the weak who desperately ran for their lives.

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So he ran to the southern end of the village soon after he cut down the village chief.

If you go south of Lao village, you will reach the place where the Holy Knights are stationed.

He was sure that women and children will cling on to that small hope and try to escape.

And now, Zam has discovered two prey as he had expected.

「……Millie, escape.」


「Mama will be fine. So just run south. Don’t look back no matter what.」

Maria pushed Millie’s back.

「No, no, I don’t want to… Let’s go together mama…!」