What is the most profitable in the industry?

What is the most profitable in the industry?

Extremists are bad on both sides of the scales.

While it was true that game creators must have passion for games, too much passion wasn’t a good thing either.

If someone had too much passion for games, they would not be able to retain their logical rationality and may mistake their own understanding of games as what the majority of gamers had as well.

Therefore, Pei Qian felt that Bao Xu was someone who fit his requirements.

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On the one hand, he was a fanatic for games. Hiring a god of games as an employee while paying him a higher salary wasn’t something the system would object to.

On the other hand, this was a person who did not know design and had a high chance of nitpicking while causing things to screw up.

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What a perfect employee he would make!

However, Pei Qian wasn’t confident that he would be able to persuade Bao Xu on his own.

After all, this was someone who had his family assuming that he was dead two years down the road.

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It was hard to imagine the type of circumstances that would persuade him to leave the internet cafes.

“Many horror movies made use of ghosts, monsters, and mutations. The visual impact of these was very powerful, but there existed another kind of horror movies that contained only ordinary people. The horrific effects are normally more outstanding.

“To put it plainly, horror is an emotion. There’s no need to obsess over ghosts, monsters, or mutated living beings to make a strong visual impact.

“Take our company as an example. We just had to close the curtains and immerse everyone in the atmosphere of horror. A single scream was enough to make us all feel terrified.