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And then, a warm, soft『something』brushed on my right cheek.

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(This is!?)

My heart started beating rapidly at that moment.

「You can open your eyes now.」

With Ria’s permission, I immediately opened my eyes.

In front of me stood a flushed Ria.

「Ri, Ri, Ri, Ria!? W-What… was that?」

「Fufu, secret…」

With a slightly mature smile, she turned around.

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The reason why her ears were a little red was probably not just because of the cold weather.

(I’m sure that was… No, undoubtedly it was a…)

When I was caught in a whirlpool of thoughts,

「Ah… Look, Allen! Snow! It’s snowing!」she said, pointing to the sky.

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「…It’s beautiful.」


White snow falling from the sky under the moonlight was truly beautiful.

(…Let’s keep this feeling in my heart for now.)

When I become a more respectable swordsman and a man who can be a good match for a princess of a country, I will open my heart then.

Instead of relying on these events, I will convey it directly with my own mouth. That–