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The surrounding scenery was no longer the narrow capsule but that of a futuristic urban outdoor scene. Even though it was supposed to be an outdoor scene, it was still shot in the studio with a lot of green screens hanging around.

Those cool, futuristic scenes would be synthesized with special effects.

The close-up scenes would still be using real objects. For example, the male lead and the heroine would be eating together in a small shop by the roadside in this scene. The shop was built. There were tables, chairs, tableware, decorations, etc. Everything inside was real objects.

In addition, the signs of the shop, trash cans by the roadside, the costumes of the male lead, and the heroine were all custom-made. These were all carefully crafted props. These imitations could somehow pass off as genuine.

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One could discern that this neighborhood was filled with poor steampunk fashion from these settings.

According to Director Zhu Xiaoce’s plan, the buildings in this movie would be roughly divided into four different key styles:

One, the male lead was staying in a capsule that looked very advanced but was cramped, narrow, and homogenized. It was a standard uniformly constructed welfare facility.

Second was the slums in the world outside where the male lead and the heroine dated. Many small shops here seemed to be in steampunk style. It was lively but filled with chaos and disorder.

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Third, the bright and beautiful outside world which included the scenes from the talent show. It looked very technological, spacious and atmospheric. It had a sci-fi setting style in a general sense.

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Fourth, the houses of the upper class were mainly in the style of classical mansions with pretty fireplaces, large oil paintings, and expensive-looking wooden furniture. They would only be decorated with some high-tech elements to distinguish them from real mansions from reality.

That was because only the upper class in the script could afford to play with the ‘classical art’ of oil paintings and musical instruments. In their circles, ‘retro’ architectural style was a trend used to make a distinction in taste between the rich and those who were not.

The present scene was shot with some meaning of ‘cyberpunk’ in ‘future urban slums’.

It was the first time Pei Qian met the heroine of this movie.

The actress was Lin Ruyi. She had a round face, big eyes, and two pretty dimples when she smiled-a standard image of first love.

Pei Qian tried to search for her information previously but didn’t find any famous works. He only realized that she was a newcomer that had yet to graduate from the film school.

In terms of looks, Lin Ruyi was not particularly good-looking since she had a round face. She was therefore not photogenic.

However, that matched the setting for this script.

The female lead was not a stunning or alluring character in the script. Otherwise, she would have been favored by the upper class, and the stories that happened later on would not have happened.

Pei Qian only had one requirement for the female lead: she should not look too good.