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“eh, to, h, here!”

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I paused and carried on shooting with the same rhythm, so Jawara moved in time with me.

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It was the sleeve of my clothes that he grabbed with his hand until he got a nosebleed after taking so many of my flickers.



An unknown technique. From there. Grabbed my sleeve and what... eh!?

“What!? My body...”

Just grabbing my sleeves broke my entire body’s balance and center of gravity. I couldn’t put in any power.

Then, my left arm got caught under Jawara’s armpit, and he immediately collapsed while pulling me...

“【Arcane True Zenith Circle Throw(Tomoe nage)】!”

“A throw!”

I was thrown as he fell down... this is bad!

At that moment, I was trembling.

I thought I was in trouble, and I writhed in panic.

The hold on my left arm, which was locked by Jawara, was also shallow, so I was able to slip out at the last minute.

“tte, so close! One more time!”

I managed to get out of it for now, but if Jawara had more “power” and “speed”, I would have definitely been slammed to the ground on the back... probably...... I imagine... my arm might have been broken or dislocated at the elbow by the momentum.

Such a nasty technique.