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So Katsuragi had been assigned the Half Off card.

If Ryuuen has the Trial card and gets first place, he can get 450 Class Points at once.

With that Class B’s Class Points would also break the 1000 point barrier.

At Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s flagship store…

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The entrance was blocked by a passionate crowd that even water could not pass through the gaps between them.

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On the stage, Chen Lei was strumming his guitar nonchalantly and singing.

Although it was still day time, the audience was very cooperative. They listened quietly and suppressed their applause and cheers. They waited until Chen Lei finished singing before they went crazy.

People kept walking towards the bar counter. They whipped out several red cash notes at once and then only took one glass back with them. The other drinks they paid for were to be tips for Chen Lei.

The bartender, waiters, and even Ma Yang and Zhang Yuan were so busy that they forgot the time.

Even in their dreams, they did not see Fish-Catching Internet Cafe becoming this popular!

It was a good thing that they transferred waiters from the other Fish-Catching Internet Cafes over to help the night before. It was only then they were barely able to hold the fort.

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Ma Yang felt a wave of emotion. It was all thanks to Brother Qian who repaired the house before it rained by opening a couple more branches. Where else would they have found the extra help?

The traffic in the other Fish-Catching Internet Cafes was increasing as well. However, it was nothing compared to the flagship store. After all, people were coming for Chen Lei.

Now, the flagship store was really a flagship store!

On the second level, a long-legged girl was seated by the windows. She struck a pose and took a picture. She was holding a book from one of the bookshelves, reading it seriously under the sunlight. Looking at her, one would feel like everything was at peace.

However, the cover of the book was in Greek, and it was upside down. It read ‘Use and Maintenance of Hand Tractors’.

Some people ordered drinks and listened to Chen Lei’s singing. However, there were too many people in front of the stage. There was no way they could squeeze in. Thus, many people headed towards the internet cafe area to explore more of this mysterious place.

The internet cafe area was clean and neat. It was surrounded by filled bookshelves. A private movie hall with great ambiance was also there, along with very respectful waiters.