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Meng Chang fell completely silent after watching the video.

This Teacher Qiao was really something!

He could interpret it this way?

Indeed, he did not see the big picture since he was lost in the details.

Meng Chang understood why he could not think of an answer for the last question of the “Pei family publicity method”.

That was because he had gone off track from the beginning!

Obviously, the impression that Boss Pei had left on Meng Chang had always been that he had been seriously working on a reverse publicity plan. This made Meng Chang, who was in the game, very determined that Boss Pei was only doing a reverse publicity plan to get a commission and continue to stay in the advertising department.

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However, this obviously conflicted with Boss Pei’s image.

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Boss Pei was a strategist who took care of the overall situation. How could he sacrifice a project that cost tens of millions just for Meng Chang?

Therefore, Meng Chang could not figure this out.

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However, Teacher Qiao was an outsider. He easily saw through what Meng Chang could not.

Boss Pei was only doing reverse publicity on the surface, but he was actually doing positive publicity!