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「…It’s been a while, Raise-san.」

「My, to get to fight you from the very beginning… luck sure is with me today! Today’s flow is quite good…!」

With his eyes bloodshot, he yelled at me.

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(Apparently, he has a grudge against me…)

As I and Raise-san continued to glare at each other,

「Are both participants ready? Well then – Match Start!」

The commentator declared the start of the match.

I immediately drew my sword and assumed Seigan no Kamae.

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Raise-san, on the other hand, manifested his soul dress in the opening act just like the last time.

「Well up -〈Three Skeletons〉!」

At that moment – three fleshless bone dragons suddenly appeared.

Red light floated in their eye sockets.

「This is…」