What are the men's online regular money?

What are the men's online regular money?

Pei Qian’s only hope was that his haunted house would neither become famous nor attract huge crowds of tourists. That way, he would be able to burn as much money on it as possible.

Thus, Pei Qian had to control the scale of the haunted house well.

He could not make it so big that it became well known, and yet he had to make it frightening enough to scare Ruan Guangjian sh*tless. Only then could the hatred in Pei Qian’s heart start to dissipate.

The industrial zone was deserted and inconvenient to get to. As long as the haunted house did not become too famous, Pei Qian doubted that tourists from around the country would come and visit it.

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The income generated from Jingzhou’s tourists alone probably would not be enough to sustain the haunted house’s daily operations.

Thus, the haunted house would become Boss Pei’s little black room[1]. Each time he wanted to take revenge on someone listed in his notebook, he would send them there.

Not only would he be able to incur losses, but he would also be able to take revenge. He would be killing two birds with one stone -it was perfect.

Pei Qian and Little Sun walked slightly farther in to see the current situation of the factory buildings. All in all, they were a complete mess. Neither of them saw any point in surveying the place any longer.

“Let’s go.”

Pei Qian had only leisurely walked around for five minutes before he turned around and prepared to head back.

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Little Sun quickly caught up with him and asked, “Boss Pei, do you want to look at other places? There are many other locations available for you to start a haunted house.”

Pei Qian paused. “Why would I look at other places? I’ve chosen this place.” Little Sun, “Er…”

Little Sun had misunderstood him.

Initially, Little Sun had thought that Boss Pei had only decided to leave so quickly because he had not been satisfied with what he had seen. He had thought that Boss Pei would walk around for a little longer if he had been interested.

Thus, Little Sun wondered if he should drive Boss Pei to another possible location for the haunted house.

As it turned out, he had been mistaken.

Boss Pei had only decided to turn back because he was very satisfied with the place.

It was just that…

This was a multi-million-yuan project. It might even cost more than ten million yuan. Was Boss Pei being too rash by deciding on a place within five minutes of looking around?