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He already knew that ROF installed computers. One could order the hardware online. However, he never thought that they would deliver units much faster than physical stores would deliver purchases! “Please help me take it upstairs. Thank you!”

Yu Hang was extremely excited. Am I dreaming?

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When he arrived at his dormitory, his roommates were going about their day. Some were sleeping on their beds while others watched shows on their laptops.

The delivery man was extremely skilled. He set the box down, unsealed it, and then retrieved the system unit from within. Then, he placed it on Yu Hang’s table.

Handong Jiaotong University’s main campus had much better facilities than Handong University. Instead of bunk beds, they had beds on the upper deck and working space on the lower deck. Thus, there was space for Yu Hang to place the system unit.

Yu Hang rushed to his classmate’s side and said, “Old Li, lend me your monitor!”

old Li slept in the bed opposite Yu Hang, and he was the only one who owned a desktop. Yu Hang was used to laptops as well; that was why he did not own a monitor. What’s more, this system unit did not come with a monitor.

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If he wanted to test out the system unit, he had to borrow someone else’s.

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Old Li had been playing a game when he turned around to see the impressive-looking system unit on Yu Hang’s table. His eyes widened as he said, “Holy sh*t! Old Yu, did you win the lottery?!”

Everyone in the dormitory was shocked. All of them began to surround Yu Hang. Old Li exited the game, disconnected his monitor, and then moved it to Yu Hang’s table.

The other roommates were already studying the new monitor, their eyes filled with admiration.

After adeptly connecting the monitor to the system unit, the delivery man switched the system unit on to prove that it was in working condition.

“This is how you can contact us for after-sales services. If you encounter any problems with your computer or you want to upgrade any part of it in the future, you can call this number and ask for technical assistance.

“May you have a happy time gaming. If you were satisfied with our service, remember to leave us a five-star rating!” The delivery man left, clearing out the garbage from the dormitory on his way out. “Quick, quick, quick! View its specifications!” Yu Hang’s roommates were even more anxious than he was.

Soon, the specifications were displayed on the screen. The impressive figures and high-end, trendy-looking hardware stunned everyone.

“This computer… must be worth five or six thousand yuan at least,” one of them commented as he swallowed his saliva.

Old Li sniggered. “Five or six thousand yuan? Why are you looking down on this computer? This system unit was made from top-tier hardware. I think it’s worth about fifteen thousand yuan.”

Yu Hang’s roommates gasped.

A fifteen-thousand-yuan system unit… this was the system unit of their dreams!