What platforms have on the Internet to make money

What platforms have on the Internet to make money

The success of the Doubt VR glasses might be the result of the joint efforts of various departments and employees, but at the end of the day, they still relied on Boss Pei’s guidance and Shang Yang Games’ help.

If Boss Pei had not gone against everyone’s wishes, increased the budget estimate, and finalized the direction of the game, repeatedly polishing and editing the various details of the game, it would not have been able to achieve this level.

However, Shang Yang Games could not keep coming to help. They had the game development task as well. Boss Pei was so busy with work that he might not be able to guide new games every time.

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In that case, could Slow Movement Studio carry the new project alone without Shang Yang Games’ help?

This was a very serious test.

Animal Island was a leisure game. It had linked gameplay and had a longer lifespan. Thus, it did not need to release too much downloadable content in the later stages.

Soon, Slow Movement Studio would face a choice. Should they maintain “Animal Island” and make lousy money or should they start a new project as soon as possible?

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Given Boss Lin’s character, he would definitely choose the latter without looking back.

However, it was a very risky thing to start a new project on the basis of the success of “Animal Island”.

Cai Jiadong asked, “Boss Lin, are you worried about the new project?”

Lin Wan nodded. “That’s right. We don’t have any clue yet.”

Cai Jiadong thought for a moment and comforted him. “There’s no need to be too anxious about this. Let’s settle down for two to three months and think about it slowly. There’s still time.”

Lin Wan immediately shook her head. “That won’t do.”

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“Boss Pei had already thought about what to do for the next project when one project had just succeeded. Only with such a long-term line of thinking could he control the various projects, devise strategies, and control everything.”