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But there's no guarantee that we wouldn't fall below the borderline and his words have no leg to stand on. It's just Kouenji's own prediction that this isn't going to be such a difficult exam.

Or perhaps he's just randomly spouting nonsense because he doesn't want to participate. However, Kouenji's alienness has most likely been sufficiently conveyed.

"What a guy. Must have a screw loose up there".

Ishizaki muttered as he took a step back and nodded.

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However, I discovered a contradiction in Kouenji's words. But of course, Ishizaki and the others here definitely wouldn't be able to spot that contradiction though.

Why? Because there is no falsehood in his behavior itself. If Kouenji intentionally created that contradiction then......

To confirm that would require taking the huge risk of waiting for exam day to come though.

"Let's just calm down, he probably doesn't have the balls to score zero either way".

If possible, they probably wanted to forcibly push the troublesome and risky role of leader onto Kouenji.

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Of course, looking at it from another class's perspective, it would mean losing the chance to earn double the points as well as facing the possibility of being dragged down and so they probably have mixed feelings on the matter.....

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But if Kouenji really does score zero then only a disastrous outcome awaits.

"Stop it, Ishizaki. You keep that up and you'll be the one dragged down".

Hashimoto, in an act of saving an enemy, restrained Ishizaki.

"But.....shit, if getting your way by taking a hard line's allowed then I'm definitely not doing it either".

"Well, I suppose so".

Despite his exasperation, Hashimoto nodded as though in acceptance.

Nobody actually thinks this group will place first. That's basically why there isn't a single student willing to assume the role of leader.

It might be that our group's in a far more difficult situation than I had expected. If Kouenji acts Kouenji-like to the very end then we'll lose a considerable amount of points.

The scenario in which we fail to obtain even the 'lowest score' is probably one the 2nd years and 3rd years have not factored into their calculations.