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“Give it back.”

I reached out to take it, but they won’t hand it back obediently, so instead, I grasped the air.

“What are you aiming at? Do you act alone?

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They were hitting me with questions, but I stayed silent. 3 seconds…. 4 seconds… I made a sound with my throat just to break the silence.

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“…. I can’t tell you this.”

“I see. That thing you cannot say, is it that there is someone pulling the threads behind? You people in D class, have you plotted a plan as a whole? Or is it a plan of a bunch of students from there?”

As if the police was interrogating a suspect, there was a rapid succession of quick questions.

“I cannot say. If I tell you then… I will not be able to return to my class.”

“It is hard to be an underling, Ayanokouji. Oh well. I do not know what you were asked to do, but do not do any unnecessary actions. I want you to just sit quietly in base camp.”

They threw the pen at my feet, while they kept the piece of paper with the map. These fellows might not have the right to order around, but their attitude was very oppressive.

“There is just one more thing that I would like to ask you. We are ready to deliver a generous reward if you speak of who is the leader that holds the keycard. A total sum of about 100,000… 200,000.”

“Sell my class for money?”