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“To achieve this level of minimalism, I had to cut out a lot of daily necessities. For instance, there is not enough storage space here to meet anyone’s daily needs. However, since Boss Pei said it wouldn’t matter, I did away with it anyway.

“However, there’s something that we cannot do away with-curtains.

“To give this apartment shade and privacy, curtains are a must. However, against the backdrop of such extreme minimalism, even the simplest curtains would look out of place and eye-catching. “Thus, I changed all the glass on the windows to smart light-adjusting glass. Not only does it have all the special characteristics of safety glass, but it also is safe for the environment, has relatively high transmission, and has daylight functions. The purple and red wavelengths can be separated so that the negative effects of sunlight are dealt with.

“All in all, the rate of transmission of the glass can be greatly varied, along with the intensity of the light in the house, so that the room can feel warm and comforting. That would suit the minimalistic style of the apartment.

“On top of that—to push the minimalism of the apartment to its maximum, I have hidden all the power sockets. All the light switches have also been made into transparent glass on the smart boards.

“Those smart boards have been hidden in various corners of the room. While they’re inactive, they look just like a mirror. However, once you activate them, they become touch screens that allow you to control all the lights in the house. Of course, you could also use your phone to achieve the same effect. “The other furniture and electrical appliances, including the toilet, were bought from first-tier local brands. They were carefully selected to strike the perfect balance between functionality and art.

“Next, let me introduce you to this television. It’s the latest 85-inch 4K television manufactured overseas. It’s sold for 240 thousand yuan, and it comes with the latest entertainment system. That would guarantee the best gaming experience for you. “The game machine has been hidden in the television cabinet. Once you pick up the controller, you will enter an exciting and brilliant gaming world!”

Liang Qingfan cleared his throat. “Of course, at first, I thought that buying such a huge television would not be practical. However, your budget was too high, Boss Pei...”

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Pei Qian could not help but stick out his thumb. “Very good. I’m very happy with this television!”

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Although all the items in the house had poor quality-price ratio, Liang Qingfan had undoubtedly fulfilled all of Pei Qian’s requests perfectly. Take the television, for example. Although it would only cost twenty thousand yuan in ten years, it was still an extremely rare appliance right now. Only tens of sets existed in the local market at the moment.

Pei Qian had left Liang Qingfan with a very high budget. At the same time, he had insisted on keeping the house looking like ‘four bare walls’. Liang Qingfan had been told to cut down on the furniture as much as possible.

Thus, all the furniture and electrical appliances in the house had been bought to meet the budget.

Pei Qian liked the apartment a lot. That was because he only needed it for two things: sleep and play. What’s more, he would be living there on his own.

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The extreme minimalism would not cause inconvenience in his life. Instead, it was precisely the minimalism that made the place look so pleasing to his eyes

However, he could not say the same for potential tenants.

Compared to other houses, this house would do poorly to accommodate two or more people. There was no storage space; people wouldn’t be allowed to purchase their own furniture or change the layout; and they could only opt for the entire tenancy.