Reactive method for making money online

Reactive method for making money online

“Do you get it now? Little miss outsider~”

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If Amasawa really was the White Room student, then it would certainly make sense that she would call Nanase an outsider.

“Let go of her arm Nanase.”

Although clearly somewhat dissatisfied, Nanase obediently let go of Amasawa’s arm just as I instructed.

“Wow, you’re such a good girl Nanase-chan~! It’s like you’re his loyal dog; it’s a better look for you than I thought.”

At that, Amasawa slowly began to draw closer to me, little by little.

I was exasperated, but at least the conversation might finally get somewhere now.

“Sorry but given a prior misunderstanding with Nanase, I won’t be jumping to any conclusions just because you brought up the White Room.”

“That’s fine, I’ll prove to you that I’m the real deal. However… letting Nanase-chan hear it is a bit…”

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She trailed off, mouthing the words ‘You get it, right?’ with that usual devilish grin of hers plastered onto her face.

I lightly motioned to Nanase, instructing her to distance herself. Although she was reluctant to leave me alone with Amasawa, she eventually gave in and followed suit. The pouring rain had grown stronger, to the point where she wouldn’t be able to hear us if we talked quietly from a few meters away.

Treading the muddy ground below, Amasawa finally came within arm’s reach.

“Now then, where oh where should I start~?”