How to publish an article on the UC online

How to publish an article on the UC online

"And suppose I were to tell you," he replied, "that my father inreality owed nothing?""Oh!""Suppose I told you they took from him his entire fortune, over twomillions, as audaciously as a pick-pocket robs a man of hishandkerchief? Suppose I told you, that, in his loyal simplicity,he was but a man of straw in the hands of skillful knaves? Have youforgotten what you once heard the Count de Villegre say?"Mlle. Gilberte had forgotten nothing.

"The Count de Villegre," she replied, "pretended that it was timeenough still to compel the men who had robbed your father todisgorge.""Exactly!" exclaimed Marius. "And now I am determined to make themdisgorge."In the mean time night had quite come. Lights appeared in theshop-windows; and along the line of the Boulevard the gas-lamps werebeing lit. Alarmed by this sudden illumination, M. de Tregars drewoff Mlle. Gilberte to a more obscure spot, by the stairs that leadto the Rue Amelot; and there, leaning against the iron railing, hewent on,"Already, at the time of my father's death, I suspected theabominable tricks of which he was the victim. I thought it unworthyof me to verify my suspicions. I was alone in the world: my wantswere few. I was fully convinced that my researches would give me,within a brief time, a much larger fortune than the one I gave up.

I found something noble and grand, and which flattered my vanity,in thus abandoning every thing, without discussion, withoutlitigation, and consummating my ruin with a single dash of my pen.

Among my friends the Count de Villegre alone had the courage to tellme that this was a guilty piece of folly; that the silence of thedupes is the strength of the knaves; that my indifference, whichmade the rascals rich, would make them laugh too. I replied that Idid not wish to see the name of Tregars dragged into court in ascandalous law-suit, and that to preserve a dignified silence wasto honor my father's memory. Treble fool that I was! The only wayto honor my father's memory was to avenge him, to wrest his spoilsfrom the scoundrels who had caused his death. I see it clearlyto-day. But, before undertaking any thing, I wished to consult you."Mlle. Gilberte was listening with the most intense attention. Shehad come to mingle so completely in her thoughts her future life andthat of M. de Tregars, that she saw nothing unusual in the fact ofhis consulting her upon matters affecting their prospects, and ofseeing herself standing there deliberating with him.

"You will require proofs," she suggested.

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"I have none, unfortunately," replied M. de Tregars; "at least, nonesufficiently positive, and such as are required by courts of justice.

But I think I may find them. My former suspicions have become acertainty. The same good luck that enabled me to deliver you of M.

Costeclar's persecutions, also placed in my hands the most valuableinformation.""Then you must act," uttered Mlle. Gilberte resolutely.

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Marius hesitated for a moment, as if seeking expression to conveywhat he had still to say. Then,"It is my duty," he proceeded, "to conceal nothing from you. Thetask is a heavy one. The obscure schemers of ten years ago havebecome big financiers, intrenched behind their money-bags as behindan impregnable fort. Formerly isolated, they have managed to gatheraround them powerful interests, accomplices high in office, andfriends whose commanding situation protects them. Having succeeded,they are absolved. They have in their favor what is called publicconsideration,-that idiotic thing which is made up of the admirationof the fools, the approbation of the knaves, and the concert of allinterested vanities. When they pass, their horses at full trot,their carriage raising a cloud of dust, insolent, impudent, swelledwith the vulgar fatuity of wealth, people bow to the ground, and say,'Those are smart fellows!' And in fact, yes, skill or luck, theyhave hitherto avoided the police-courts where so many others havecome to grief. Those who despise them fear them) and shake handswith them. Moreover, they are rich enough not to steal any morethemselves. They have employes to do that. I take Heaven to witnessthat never until lately had the idea come to me to disturb in theirpossession the men who robbed my father. Alone, what need had I ofmoney? Later, 0 my friend! I thought I could succeed in conqueringthe fortune I needed to obtain your hand. You had promised to wait;and I was happy to think that I should owe you to my sole exertions.

Events have crushed my hopes. I am to-day compelled to acknowledgethat all my efforts would be in vain. To wait would be to run therisk of losing you. Therefore I hesitate no longer. I want what'smine: I wish to recover that of which I have been robbed. WhateverI may do, - for, alas! I know not to what I may be driven, whatrole I may have to play, - remember that of all my acts, of all mythoughts, there will not be a single one that does not aim to bringnearer the blessed day when you shall become my wife."There was in his voice so much unspeakable affection, that the younggirl could hardly restrain her tears.

"Never, whatever may happen, shall I doubt you, Marius," she uttered.

He took her hands, and, pressing them passionately within his,"And I," he exclaimed, "I swear, that, sustained by the thought ofyou, there is no disgust that I will not overcome, no obstacle thatI will not overthrow."He spoke so loud, that two or three persons stopped. He noticed it,and was brought suddenly from sentiment to the reality,"Wretches that we are," he said in a low voice, and very fast, "weforget what this interview may cost us!

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And he led Mlle. Gilberte across the Boulevard; and, whilst makingtheir way to the Rue St. Gilles, through the deserted streets,"It is a dreadful imprudence we have just committed," resumed M. deTregars. "But it was indispensable that we should see each other;and we had not the choice of means. Now, and for a long time, weshall be separated. Every thing you wish me to know, - say it tothat worthy Gismondo, who repeats faithfully to me every word youutter. Through him, also, you shall hear from me. Twice a week,on Tuesdays and Fridays, about nightfall, I shall pass by your house;and, if I am lucky enough to have a glimpse of you, I shall returnhome fired with fresh energy. Should any thing extraordinaryhappen, beckon to me, and I'll wait for you in the Rue des Minimes.

But this is an expedient to which we must only resort in the lastextremity. I should never forgive myself, were I to compromise yourfair name."They had reached the Rue St. Gilles. Marius stopped.

"We must part," he began.

But then only Mlle. Gilberte remembered M. de Tregars' letter, whichshe had in her pocket. Taking it out, and handing it to him,"Here," she said, "is the package you deposited with me.""No," he answered, repelling her gently, "keep that letter: it mustnever be opened now, except by the Marquise de Tregars."And raising her hand to his lips, and in a deeply agitated voice,"Farewell!" he murmured. "Have courage, and have hope."

Mlle. Gilberte was soon far away; and Marius de Tregars remainedmotionless at the corner of the street, following her with his eyesthrough the darkness.