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I spun around on the spot without killing the momentum, and threw a roundhouse kick using centrifugal force.

「Ka, ha…!?」

At the same time as the sensation of my kick landing on the core of his body was transmitted through my right foot, Gregor was blown away like a ball.

He crashed into the walls of the cathedral. A huge cloud of dust rolled up.

「T-Too strong…」

Just when the president’s astonished whisper sounded, Gregor, gasping for breath, slowly emerged from the cloud of dust.

「Haha… Aa, I understand now… I understand clearly that you are devilishly strong… Just like what Fu and Zack said, you are a great talent that is closer to the Emperor’s Four Knights and the Holy Knights Association’s Seven Holy Swords. Damn bastard…」

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He walked towards me with unsteady steps and a ghastly expression, while grumbling something.

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「It’s frustrating, but it’s my complete defeat, I can’t even walk properly… If it is a one-on-one showdown, I will be killed no matter how many hundreds of millions of times I challenge you… But you see, at this moment alone… I still have the chance to win! -〈Ember Powder〉!」

Gregor shouted with bloodshot eyes and scattered a tremendous amount of ash.

It covered the entire cathedral, and my field of view was dyed gray.

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(Using a smoke screen at this point? Is he trying to escape?)