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(Chapter 4 End)

Days flew by until the time came when Yukimura started up the fifth study session.

We held the second, third, and fourth meetings at Pallet, but today we decided to meet up at a cafe inside of Keyaki mall. This was because as of today, club activities had stopped in order to allow students to focus on the final exams, so we expected for Pallet to be packed with people.

“Sure enough, it’s noisier than I expected.”

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Yukimura was surprised by the number of students inside the cafe. We managed to secure our seats, but the cafe was nearly full. Study groups encompassing all grades were starting around us. Although there are many students who were working quietly, the sheer number of people made it seem like it wouldn’t be a quiet study session like it would be in the library.

“We should have done this in the library or my room.”

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“No way. It’s easier to do it here; easy-peasy. Right, Miyatchi?”

“Yep. I get enough quiet tense atmosphere during archery club.”

Contrary to Yukimura, the two of them seem to be alright with being here.

The era of being stuck in a stuffy room, facing a desk is over.

It’s a modern study method to learn while talking with a group of friends. It's degenerative evolution.

“You’re the ones studying here, so if you say you can concentrate, I’ll believe you. I have prepared the material for today.”

The two of them prepared dispassionately as they were handed notebooks filled with liberal arts questions that targeted their weaknesses. The rows of questions were like a fireworks festival, with the stalls set up everywhere. Yukimura seemed to be pretty fired up, which was understandable.

“Aagh, today is also packed with liberal arts questions…… Yukimū has no mercy.”

Even if she doesn’t like studying, she has to focus on her weakest subject, so it’s understandable why Hasebe would be distressed. Miyake appears as though he’s close to vomiting. His hand is pressed up against the pit of his stomach while he looks at the notes.

“How can you be scared before you even start?”

“You’re right…… but there’s obviously more than last time, and they seem pretty difficult.”