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Everyone exchanged confused looks.

Hu Xianbin said, “Boss Pei, you’re right. That’s true if we follow the plot settings, but not all players are Martial Gods...”

Pei Qian smiled. “I know, don’t worry.”

“There are other ways without making a weapon like Pudu.”

“I think the plot settings said that in his later years, the protagonist of the Martial God spent all the wealth and rare treasures that he had gathered in his lifetime to make a magic sword that could kill souls and stain it with the blood of eminent monks.”

“After that, the protagonist used witchcraft to create a pill that could allow him to enter the boundary of death and float between the two worlds. He used the demon sword to kill the Black and White Impermanence and entered hell.”

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“According to the original design, the power of the demon sword is limited. The more souls it kills, the weaker it will become.”

“At the same time, in order to highlight the protagonist’s identity as the Martial God, we also encourage players to use various weapons to match. Different main and secondary weapons can have different combat effects and attacking movements.”

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“Thus, the final design became a demon sword is equivalent to a special tool for killing. Players would use various other weapons to fight normally. When they trigger the killing move, they would use the demon sword to kill.”

“As the plot progresses, the power of the demon sword will continue to weaken.”

Everyone nodded. This was the consensus of the Development Team designers.

If he only used the demon sword, the gameplay and process of the entire game would be too singular. Thus, he set it as ‘ordinary weapons to fight monsters and demon swords to kill’. Not only would it encourage players to use various weapons, but it would also maximize the restoration of the plot.

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At that moment, the original author of Eternal Reincarnation, Yu Fei, said, “Boss Pei, I actually thought of the setting of the demon sword becoming weaker the more they use it. I just felt that this setting would help to highlight the tragic effect of the entire story.”

“What’s more, the protagonist became clear-headed because the demon sword became weaker. He realized that he had made a huge mistake and ultimately became the first Prison Keeper. That makes more sense.”

“However, the plot must serve the gameplay.”

“If necessary, I can change it to a demon sword that is stronger...”

Pei Qian raised his hand. “No! This setting is perfect. It cannot be changed!”