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「Oi oi oi, give me a break! Self-taught – wouldn’t it seem like bullying this weak little frail child…! Gyahahahahaha!」

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Bubble, exaggeratedly held his sides in laughter.

How frustrating.

Frustrating… but, he hasn’t said anything wrong.

I have certainly become stronger.

However, it is only within the small circle known as the Gran Swordsmanship Academy.

In fact, if you take a step into the outside world like this, there are mountains of such higher skilled swordsmen.

(I still have a long way to go…)

The world is vast – just learning this was worth coming to the Sword Festival.

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Anyway, let’s fight with the intention of learning from this higher-rank opponent..

「-Please teach me.」

I said so and bowed, and waited for the match start signal.

『No matter how rude your opponent is, you must pay the minimum respect as a person. If not, you are no different from your opponent.』- is what my mother taught me.

After that, Bubble and I took our places at the match start.

「Are both participants ready? Well then, let the first match- START!」

At the same time as the commentator announced the match start, me and Bubble pulled out our swords.

I held the sword in front of my navel – Seigan no Kamae.