High school students online landlord to make money

High school students online landlord to make money

Outside their office building, Xiao Lu and the others were in awe.

Sun Strike Studios had a seven floor office building to themselves! Majestic!

Right at the entrance was Sun Strike Studios’ plague and the building was surrounded by greenery; the environment was rather decent.

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Any gaming company that could build their own building was definitely one that did not lack money!

For most people, they wondered what it would be like if they could work at a place as such.

However, Pei Qian was mostly indifferent.

He was only here to lose money with the learning exchange as an excuse. Besides, it was just a larger office space and there was nothing to be envious about.

When the group arrived at the entrance, there were already people from Sun Strike Studios waiting to welcome them.

“Welcome, Assistant Xin! I suppose this is Boss Pei? Hi, hi! I’m the liaison from Sun Strike Studios, Sun Xi!”

The person welcoming them looked to be around 26 years old.

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It was said that the producer of Sun Strike Studios, Zhou Muyan, would be meeting with them as well. However, there was no way he would welcome them personally at the entrance with his status – Pei Qian’s group was not at that level yet.

Sun Xi brought everyone in while introducing the place to them on the way.