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「Tch, so they weren’t just all talk…」

Class A became uproarious before the unexpected situation. I alone quietly pulled out my sword and stood in front of them.

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After that, for a week, I learned soul dress during class periods, and after school, I single-mindedly swung my sword alone – it was such a fulfilling week.

From then on, I confronted that guy many times over and lost every time.

-But it’s not without progress.

That guy, who was so strong to the point of being invincible, has been evading my slashes once in a while for the past few days.

(Is it about once every 100 times…?)

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Even I thought to myself「That was a good slash!」.

That guy always evades only during those particular slashes.

At first, I thought「Was it on a whim?」, but apparently not.

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That guy who always takes my slashes head on with his robust body… Only when I unleash a good slash does he evade without fail.

(That guy… probably judged that he wouldn’t escape unscathed.)

Thinking about that… makes me happy. My heart beats excitedly.

What I have not been able to cut until now, I will be able to cut. The joy of experiencing growth.

Such feelings overflowed within me.

It’s like the first time I cut the little space in the prison of time.

(If I train as it is, I will surely be able to beat that guy someday. If that happens, I can also attain soul dress…!)

While I was waiting for Ria at the entrance of the room, filling my heart with such hope,

「Sorry for making you wait, Allen! I overslept a little…」