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“It’s even worse when it sounds reasonable at first! No! You should at least help me pay half!”

“Ehhh, …it can’t be helped. How about we just split the bill? You owe me one, Amanocchi.”

“Okay, call your ex-boyfriend here and you two will die together.”

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“I’ll pay today! Yes! Please let me pay for everything!”

Aguri-san looked at my vengeful eyes as I raised my fork stained with sundae against her before deciding to back down. …Sheesh.

I sighed as I still decided to help pay half of the bill. Then, I glared at her. As for Aguri-san, she replied to me with a bitter smile.

During this time, a timer’s nose can be heard. After a while, the waiter came to our seat with the timer and looked at the sundae. She announced the failure of our attempt. Then, she calmly left the bill down and left.

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We let out a complaining sigh that almost sounded a burp.

“…I don’t want to see sundaes and noodle sandwiches for now.”

“You’re fed up with noodle sandwiches too? Where did your love go?”

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“My love is both magical and mysterious. …Right now, I’m in love with slightly bitter black tea.”

“90%!o(MISSING)f your love is based on appetite. …Sheesh, …well, I’ll get you a cup.”

“Wow, Amanocchi. I love you!”

“Yes, yes, yes, I love you too.”