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Xi Hao did not interrupt Wu Zhicheng. Instead, he waited for him to finish speaking before asking his question.

“Do you have a plan for the gaming duration?” Xi Hao asked.

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Wu Zhicheng was stunned. “Er… I haven’t thought about this.”

Xi Hao nodded and explained, “Ten stages in the game is a more general concept. Ten minutes can be one stage, and two hours can be one stage.”

“In order to ensure the content of the game and take good care of the gamers’ gaming experience, we have to plan the gaming time first. Then, we can adjust the specific plan for the stages through the game time.”

“Generally speaking, for independent, platform games like this, the better one would be eight to twelve hours long. It would not be appropriate for it to be too long or too short.”

“My suggestion is that the standard game flow can be set at around 10 hours. The checkpoints must follow the principle of going from easy to difficult. Therefore, the later stages should be slightly longer.”

“In order to ease the players’ fatigue, it is recommended to use a long and short game design. For example, the preface is a short game that can be used to guide players to adapt to the gameplay. It can end in about 10 minutes. The first stage is a long one. Complicated riddles have to be played before defeating the boss, that could be done in about an hour. The second stage can be a short one. You can directly enter the boss battle and then mix a few stages of riddles in the pursuit of the boss. The game time can be about 30 minutes. The third stage is a long one. The time is extended to 1 hour and 15 minutes. There will be more complicated riddles...”

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“Through this design, we can adjust the flow of emotions of the players at different stages and create a relaxing effect.”

“What’s more, based on the length of the stage that we have decided on, we can decide which scene to use for a certain stage. We can combine the Boss’ gameplay, the background of the stage, the length of the stage, and other elements to leave a deeper impression on the players.”

Wu Zhicheng blinked. “Yes, that makes sense!”

In fact, he had not thought so much about it before. He had only planned for ten stages with the mentality of making up the numbers. Each stage would have a different background packaging.

However, after listening to Xi Hao’s analysis, he realized that there were actually so many tricks behind it.

The length of the different stages could control the players’ emotions and achieve the effect of relaxation. Then, players would not suddenly feel dull and boring in the middle of the game. It would bring them a better gaming experience.

What’s more, the length of the game determined the format of a certain stage. Would it be encountering a Boss Battle after a long period of solving the riddle? Or meeting the Boss Battle directly? Perhaps it would be a Boss Battle split into multiple stages, with the elements of solving the riddle added during the transition stage?

The gamers would have completely different gaming experiences through different stages.

After Xi Hao’s analysis, Wu Zhicheng instantly felt that the previously vague content had become much clearer, and the parts that he had no clue about were now in sight.

Wu Zhicheng quickly recorded it in his notebook, afraid that he would forget about it.

“I’m just making a suggestion. I’m not saying that we have to follow this plan. If you think it makes sense, we can plan it this way. If you have other ideas, we can discuss them.” Xi Hao reminded him.